About the cattery


My name is Olga Reut, and I am glad to see you on our cattery’s website First Volex.

The cattery has been registered on 17th December 2008 in FIFe system. Also we are a member of the estonian clubs Felix & Cato.

Currently the cattery has more than 20 cats. Each of them has an excellent pedigree, great show results and breeding qualities.

One of the First Volex cattery’s breeding cats is the best British shorthair cat in Estonia EC S*Olangas Oligark, DVM, DSM, DM, and in the pedigrees of our cats we have the best bloods of catteries in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, such as Van De Blanke Duin, Van de Nekker, etc.

We have very strong examples of our professional breeding amongst our cats. For example our cat WW Madonna Love First Volex became the winner of the worldwide show in 2011.

Currently our cattery specialises in breeding lilac, blue and black colours. 

If you are interested in our cattery and want to purchase a kitten, we would be delighted to help you choose a fluffy friend.

Yours sincerely,

Olga Reut







Some of our earned prizes: