kotjata Zanet



Available – free for looking, free for booking, free for purchase

Reserved – some fee for the kitten has been given, the kitten is not available for purchase

Ordered – someone wants to buy the kitten but the kitten is still available for looking and purchase offer

Sold – the kitten has been purchased and is now living in a new home.

Kept by cattery – we are currently monitoring the kitten development for the time being. It is possible the kitten will be available for purchase at a later time.

All our kittens are sold no sooner than 2,5-3 months old, they all know how to use the toilet and can eat themselves.

Our kittens are sold with all of the necessary documents. Microchip, veterinarian passport, vaccinated, pedigree, if not specified otherwise in the purchase contract, which is signed upon kitten purchase.